What is an Electronic Communication Network (ECN) ?

Our ECN’s automated derivatives trading system was configured and built to meet the increasing needs of modern day retail and institutional investors. Today’s derivative traders demand tight spreads, deep liquidity, price transparency and anonymity in execution, in addition to low slippage and low latency in their trades. Through UGAM, investors and traders can have all these benefits in real-time via the use of the MT4 PC/mobile platform. ECN technology enables UGAM to aggregate prices from its’ various LPs (Liquidity Providers), thus connecting investors directly for superior price discovery. The collective volumes of our broker’s clients encourage price competition amongst the LPs and provide the UGAM traders with the collective leverage to demand better execution and tighter pricing. Thus, the ECN model enables the efficient flow of liquidity between price markers and price takers, to provide the best investing environment for our clients with fastest price execution, tightest bid-ask spreads, and superior liquidity.

ECN Advantages on UGAM MT4

For instance, if the global market is seeing a uptrend in EURUSD, traders using the UGAM MT4 Forex module will automatically see the best price and lowest possible spreads available one the market. By connecting to multiple liquidity providers and eliminating any unnecessary latency that will affect your trade, UGAM ECN MT4 is built for day traders, technical investors, price scalpers and expert investment advisors globally.

Traders get direct connection

UGAM is able to offer tight pricing, low latency, with “no requote” trading conditions via our MT4 platform. We do this by connecting traders to different liquidity providers, enabling them to trade at prices previously offered only to global financial institutions or interbank brokers, with tight margin requirements from as low as $500 USD. Executable Streaming Prices (ESP) are sent directly from UGAM’s liquidity providers globally to our ECN interface environment which our MT4 clients see directly, thus removing the risk of individual trading desk price manipulation or re-quotes. Due to the diverse mix different liquidity providers globally at any one time, UGAM ECN is the broker of choice for high volume investors, scalpers and algorithmic traders who demand the tightest spreads and best execution.

One Click Trading

The MT4 platform enables commonly accessible One Click Trading, with UGAM ECN MT4 forex traders executing trades with a single click. Superior price discovery and liquidity from the ECN ensures that there is no re-quote, spread widening or delayed trade confirmation giving our clients ultra-fast execution. The UGAM MT4 ECN tradeserver network has a latency of less than 1 milli-second, which is ideal for automated/programmatic and High Frequency Trading and scalping.

No Restrictions on Trading – Scalping, intraday traders or Robot, it anything goes.

UGAM ECN MT4 platform has no restrictions on algoritgmic or bot-driven trading, providing some of the best trading conditions for scalping and high frequency trading globally. Traders are allowed to place orders between thebid-ask spread as there is NO minimum order distance (minimum point). This means orders including stop loss orders can be placed as close or as far away from the market price as customers wish. Traders can also hedge positions without fear of front-running as there is no first in first out (FIFO) rule with UGAM ECN FOREX. In addition, traders can obtain margin set-offs based on hedged trades, thusly enjoying the benefits of margin netting which was only previously accessible to large financial institutions / hedge fund traders.